Wireman PW2 (Part Time) 单相电工执照课程PW2 (兼职班)

Part Time Programme 兼职课程

  • Total Training Duration: 240 hours  培训时间: 240小时
  • Attendance must be at least 90%  课程出席率不少于90%
  • 200 hours (Theory) & 40 hours (Practical)  须上200个小时理论课程和40小时实践课程
  • At least 2 times wiring practice in model house before examination with ST  在ST考试前必须在示范屋完成两次接线实习



(A) Basic Entry Requirement  基本入学资格*

  1. Malaysian Citizen  马来西亚公民
  2. Age not less than 18 years old  年满18岁或以上
  3. Minimum education – completed form 5  必须完成中五学业
  4. Can speak and write in Bahasa Kebangsaan  需懂得讲和写马来文

Basic Part Time Entry Additional Requirement  额外入学资格*

  • As per Basic Entry Requirement (A)  根据基本入学资格(A)
  • 2 years working experience on the electrical works with electrical contractor that registered with ST  须拥有最少两年拉电工作经验,其服务的承包商须以向能源委员会注册(ST)
  • Log book with complete details of electrical working scope for the duration of 2 years and certified by competent person  拥有两年拉点工作记录,有关记录须得到能力合格者的认证

* Terms and Conditions Apply 须符合条件*