Duration: 12 Months
修习期:12 个月

Entry Requirement: 15 Years & Above

Theory & Practical

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Course Overview

There are many training centres that provide Hairdressing Course in Malaysia, but VTAR may be the only training centre that using an organic product in training.

This course will expose participants to the hairdressing knowledge and skills which includes provide hair care advice, maintain hair cleanliness, producing desired hairstyle, promote maximum health & beauty of hair and scalp, maintain hair salon cleanliness and workplace safety, hair salon product retailing, hair cutting, perming, colouring, bleaching and straightening, and hair salon administration.

This course will be emphasized more on practical/hands-on skills to all the participants. It provides a set of activities that enable a person who aspires to achieve competency in this particular occupation, ultimately enhancing him/her on a career in the hairdressing industry.

All the training will start with practising on mannequins, but after the initial stage, most of the practise session will be conducted in salon environments using real models. This will enable participants to familiarize with the real working environment, and is able to expose participants to the different kinds of hair structures and facial forms.

Participants will be trained to present themselves to their very best advantage and achieve their highest potential by empowering themselves with the knowledge and skills required to handle the task of a hairdresser/hairstylist.

As one of the training provider for Hairdressing Course in Malaysia, VTAR is committed to help and prepare individuals to be productive youths contributing to social and economic development.

course structure 课程结构

  • Why Use Organic & Natural Product
  • Health & Safety In The Salon Environment
  • Client Consultation For Hairdressing Services
  • Shampooing & Conditioning
  • Hair Setting
  • Blow – Drying Technique
  • Style Hair Using Variety Technique
  • Hair & Scalp Technique 头发与头皮护理
  • Cutting Technique
  • Perm & Neutralize
  • Coloring Technique
  • English
  • Reception Skill
  • Difference Between Chemical And Natural & Organic Product
  • Salon Management & Consultation For Hairdressing Services
  • Advance Cutting Technique
  • Advance Perm And Neutralize Hair & Hair Straightening
  • Color Correction
  • Color Hair To Create A Variety Of Look
  • Hairstyling Project


  • Hairstylist 发型师
  • Hair Salon Receptionist 美发店招待员
  • Hair Instructor 美发导师
  • Stylists & Technicians 造型师
  • Salon Manager 美发店经理
  • Salon Assistant 美发店助理
  • Hair & Scalp Consultant 美发和头皮顾问
  • Fashion Show Assistant 时装秀助理
  • Photography Shoot Assistant 摄影拍摄助理
  • Private Hair Stylist 私人发型师
  • Colorist Consultant 调色师
  • Artistic Director 创意总监
  • Product Technicians 产品技术员