Tanjung Malim Relax Trip

在一个宁静的地方参与为期三天两夜的生活营, 从陌生到熟悉彼此, 互相扶持与鼓励队友们完成每一个任务, 大家互相的交流和分享自己的经历, 进过短暂的休息, 让大家更加有活力的继续前进.

Three days two nights relax camp in a quite place. From strange to familiar with each other. To encourage and support teammate to complete each mission. To exchange and sharing their experience. After a short break. Let everyone can move forward more energetically.


Alumni Night Dinner

拉曼技职学院在毕业典礼的前夕举办校友会与毕业生晚宴, 目的是要提供一个平台给毕业生与校友们互相交流与分享在职场上的经验, 在短暂分开后的相聚,大家都变得更加的成熟 和创出一片事业, 谢谢同学们在百忙之中抽空出席, 谢谢老师的教导, 谢谢同学们在学习期间的互相扶持和陪伴, 期待下一次的相聚!

VTAR Institute  holds an alumni  dinners on the eve of the graduation ceremony. The propose is  to provide a platform for graduates and alumni to exchange and share their experiences in the workplace.

After a short separation, everyone had become more mature and started their own career.

Thank you for taking time to attend, Thank you to all the instructor for your guidance. ,Thank you for my classmate support and companionship in VTAR, Looking forward to the next gathering!


Career Day



VTAR Institute  hosts a career fair for all the graduating students and alumni.

This career fair successfully attracted 16 companies from electronic, electrical. beauty and bakery industries to participate.

Through this career fair, students can understand further the operation and scale of the company and students can apply for the job according to their own needs.


Open Day




VTAR Institute held an open day in March 2018. the purpose is to allow students and public to understand more about VTAR and vocational training.

Activities such as course enquiry, TVET Talk, campus tour and facilities viewing, food sales, exhibition , demonstration hands-on workshop were held during the open day.

Parent and students also get information about the hostel and study loan.

VTAR alumni also provide help to guide the students who participated in the workshop.


3-on-3 Basketball Competition




Allow students have a fun and relax, at the same time promote team spirit when competing in a group.

The purpose is to create a platform for VTAR existing students and VTAR alumni to sharing their experience and build a good relationship.

There are total 6 groups of students from various department participated in this basketball match.