Electrical Installation & Maintenance 机电装置与维修


Duration: 2 Years + 6 Months OJT
修习期:2 年 + 6个月(在职培训)


Entry Requirement: 15 Years & Above


Theory & Practical


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* Terms and Conditions Apply 须符合条件*


Course Overview

  1. This course will be focus on how to install single phase wiring system, three phase wiring system, single phase and three phase wiring maintenance and troubleshooting and also motor control installation and maintenance.
  2. Student will be able to perform an electrical schematic and single line drawing, wiring system troubleshooting and also preventive and corrective maintenance.
  3. Records of proof skills (portfolio) will be develop for each level achieve.
  4. Company from industry are currently looking for more skills technician to work in the industry especially graduates from Electrical Installation & Maintenance course.
  5. This Electrical Installation & Maintenance course is recognized by the Ministry of Human Resources (MoHR) and accredited by Department of Skills Development (JPK)
  6. All instructors for this Electrical Installation & Maintenance course are recognize by Department of Skill Development (JPK) and certified with the SKM Vocational Training Officer (VTO).
  7. Personal values, Social Skills, Core Abilities and Level of Discipline will be also enhance during the course.
  8. Job placement for those graduates that completed their 2 years of training. *T & C Apply


  1. 这可课程主要专注于如何安装单相电路接线系统,三相电路接线系统,单相和三相电路接线维修和故障排除以及电机控制器的安装与维修.
  2. 确保学生可以绘制电气结构图和单线图,及执行电路接线系统维修,预防与纠正性维修.
  3. 记录每个阶段所学到的技能.
  4. 来自工业领域的公司目前正在寻找更多机电装置与维修课程的毕业生,以成为相关领域的技术人员.
  5. 机电装置与维修课程获得人力资源部认可,和被马来西亚技术发展局认证.
  6. 机电装置与维修课程所有的导师都考取职业培训官(VTO)的马来西亚技职证书,并获得马来西亚技术发展局的认可.
  7. 在课程的学习期间将会提升个人的价值观,社交能力,就业技能和纪律的水平.
  8. 为完成培训的毕业生安排就业机会.(需符合条件)

Course Objectives 课程目标:

A Single Phase and Three Phase Electrical Installation & Maintenance Personnel (Level 2) & (Level 3) should be able to perform the following competencies where deemed competent;  单相和三相机电装置与维修(第二级和第三级)的学生能够执行以下的职能;

  • Single & Three Phase Wiring  单相与三相电路接线
  • Single & Three Phase Drawing  单相与三相电路绘图
  • Single & Three Phase Wiring Maintenance  单相与三相电路维修
  • Single & Three Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation  单相与三相电机与电机控制器安装
  • Single & Three Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance  单相与三相电器维修
  • Single Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning  单相电路测试和检修
  • Supervisory function  工作场所监管

course structure 课程结构

  • Single Phase Wiring
  • Single Phase Drawing
  • Single Phase Wiring Maintenance
  • Single Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
  • Single Phase Electrical Appliances Maintenance
  • Single Phase Wiring Testing & Commissioning
  • Three Phase Wiring
  • Three Phase Drawing
  • Three Phase Wiring Maintenance
  • Three Phase Motor & Motor Control Installation
  • Three Phase Electrical Appliance Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  • Three Phase Wiring Testing And Commissioning
  • Supervisory Function


  • Electrical Technician 机电技术人员
  • Wireman 机电接线人员
  • Energy Sector 能源领域
  • Transportation Sector 交通运输领域
  • Manufacturing Sector 制造领域
  • Construction Sector 建设领域