Tan Cheng Liang

Chief Executive Officer

Greetings from VTAR Institute (VTAR)

Hi Everyone!

I am thrilled to share VTAR Institute has strengthened its cooperation with vocational colleges and enterprises in China. Its recently signed memorandums of understanding (MoUs) will provide its students with opportunities to attend free short-term courses and exchange programmes at four institutions and one large enterprise in Beijing. We will engage in student exchanges, short-term courses, study tours and academic cooperation with these institutions to enhance students’ mastery of relevant technologies while broadening their international perspectives and networks.

Besides, I extremely happy to share success of our recent Open Day for September 2024 intake. The overwhelming turnout and enthusiastic participation from our community made this event truly special. It was heartening to see many prospective students, parents and industry partners engaging with our programs, facilities, and staff. The day was filled with an interactive workshops and exciting displays of our students’ projects and achievements.

Furthermore, I need to congratulate all those students who achieved victory in the competition and those who lost, even because they showed great perseverance and gave tough competition to other teams. What a wonderful Sports Day we had last week! The energy, enthusiasm, and sportsmanship displayed by everyone were truly inspiring. It reminded us all that while competition is important, having fun and enjoying the moment is what truly matters.

This day was a perfect blend of athleticism, team spirit, and sheer joy. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped make Sports Day an unforgettable experience. A big congratulation to all the Instructors and Sports Club members, as without your hard work and support, nothing would have been possible, and our students wouldn’t have been able to excel in their respective areas of sports. I wish everyone all the very best for other future sports competitions, and I sincerely hope that you continue to bring glory to our Institute.

VTAR is committed to providing excellent quality skill training with our dedicated Instructors force in achieving its mission. We also hold on to believe that in order to develop successful skill graduates, we should not just focus on education but also guide the students to develop better attitudes, mind-set, moral values that it required in the competitive global market. Our focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college and careers by developing essential skills and behaviours in a safe, supportive environment. Our highly skilled Instructors, who are experienced and dedicated, embrace flexibility in giving skill training and build a strong relationship with all the students.

We encourage you to take the time to browse our website. You can enjoy viewing our character-building activities, open day, sports, career fair and will find out more about VTAR’s holistic training, mission and vision and be confident that VTAR is the right choice for you.

(July 2024)