Application for Membership

Panduan Pinjaman Latihan Kemahiran (Lepasan Sekolah)

Syarat-syarat permohonan pinjaman – pelatih

Applicant (student) & Co-Applicant become members of KOJADI (To subscribe for RM500 initial shares in KOJADI and pay RM1.60* entrance fee for each person) *inclusive 6% GST

Requisite Payment Required
Prepare a cheque/ bankdraft payable to: KOPERASI JAYADIRI MALAYSIA BERHAD
  1. Submit KOJADI Membership Forms, together with Loan Application Form
  2. Provide 1 -2 qualification guarantors
  3. Submit related documents as stated in the loan application form such as:
    – Photocopy IC of APPLICANT (student), CO-APPLICANT & GUARANTOR(S)
    – Admission Letter from higher learning institution and exam results
    – Income document from APPLICANT (student), CO-APPLICANT & GUARANTOR(S)
  4. The remittance according to the following .
KOJADI Education Loans
Requisite payment for Education Loan Application
a APPLICANT (student) membership initial shares RM500
b CO-APPLICANT membership initial shares RM500
c Membership entrance fee (GST inclusive) for (a) & (b) RM21.20
d NON-REFUNDABLE Initial processing fees (GST inclusive) RM53
Total payment RM1,074.20
e Processing & adminstration fees (GST inclusive)# RM159
f Insurance premium # RM133 – RM4,000
g Stamp duty # RM20
#Note : For the convenience of loan applicant, the Society allows applicatants to use partial loan for payment of processing & administration fees, insurance premium and stamp duty.