Aesthetic Services 美容服务


Duration: 1 Year 9 Months + 3 Months OJT
修习期:1年9个月 + 3个月(在职培训)


Entry Requirement: 15 Years & Above


Theory & Practical


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Course Overview

VTAR Institute is one of the training institutions that provides training in Beauty Therapy Course in Malaysia. The content of the training is based on the NOSS (National Occupational Skills Standard) content of Aesthetic Services.

Aesthetic services offer a wide variety of skin/body improvement and enhancement manually or by using the equipment. The services include activities such as manual facial services, facial electrotherapy, superfluous hair depilation and lightening, manicure and pedicure, henna artwork design, Eyelash/Eyebrow enhancement and make-up for day and evening occasion.

Participants of the course will learn skills to improve client’s face, hand and foot skin condition, blood circulation, and muscle tone, giving the effect of moisturised and glowing skin. Participants also will learn the skills of enhancing clients appearance by removing/lightening unwanted superfluous hair, grooming fingernail and applying henna artwork design on hand/foot or concerns area, tinting /perming eyelash/eyebrow and finally transforming client’s look to their desire using make-up products.

With the demand of skilled workers in the field of aesthetic services, there is a need for the industry to produce quality, professional, well-trained and certified practitioners to fill the demand in the country. As one of the providers of training in Beauty Therapy course in Malaysia, VTAR will help to produce a competent workforce that adheres to good practices when providing services or when administering treatments in the beauty industry.







The beauty students upon completion are competent in performing the following core competencies:

  • perform Workplace Safety, Hygiene & Maintenance
  • perform Aesthetic Services Consultation
  • perform Manual Facial Services
  • perform Facial Electrotherapy Services
  • perform Superfluous Hair Depilation / Lightening Services
  • perform Manicure Services
  • perform Pedicure Services
  • perform Aesthetic Therapy Consultation
  • perform Manual Body Massage Service
  • perform Body Wrap Service
  • perform Thermal Body Therapy
  • perform Body Electrotherapy Service
  • perform Decollete Therapy
  • perform Salon Operation Supervision
  • perform Salon Services and Products Sales



  • 执行工作场所安全,卫生和保养
  • 执行美容咨询服务
  • 执行脸部护理服务
  • 执行脸部电子仪器护理服务
  • 执行除毛服务
  • 执行手部美甲服务
  • 执行足部修甲服务
  • 执行美容治疗咨询
  • 执行身体按摩服务
  • 执行身体裹敷治疗
  • 执行热疗美体法
  • 执行电疗美体服务
  • 执行胸部疗法
  • 执行美容院经营
  • 执行美容院服务和产品销售

 course structure 课程结构

  • Workplace Safety, Hygiene & Maintenance
  • Aesthetic Services Consultation
  • Manual Facial Services
  • Facial Electrotherapy Services
  • Superfluous Hair Depilation / Lightening Services
  • Manicure Services
  • Pedicure Services
  • Aesthetic Therapy Consultation
  • Manual Body Massage Service
  • Body Wrap Service
  • Thermal Body Therapy
  • Body Electrotherapy Service
  • Decollete Therapy
  • Salon Operation Supervision
  • Salon Services and Products Sales

Additional Skill 附加技巧

  • Eyebrow / Eyelash Enhancement Services
  • Make-Up Services


  • Beautician 美容师,美体师
  • Makeup Artist 化妆师
  • Beauty Therapist 美容保健师
  • SPA Therapist 水疗治疗师
  • Beauty Consultant 美容顾问
  • Beauty Centre Manager 美容中心经理
  • Beauty Product and Equipment 美容产品和设备供应商
  • Beauty Magazine Editor 美容杂志编辑
  • Cosmetology Tutor 美容导师
  • Franchisee 加盟商
  • Own Business 企业