Intensive Facial Course 美容课程 (密集班)

Duration: 3 Months
修习期:3 个月

Entry Requirement: 18 – 23 Years, female only
入学资格:年满18岁 – 23岁, 只限女性

Theory & Practical

No Tuition Fee*
* Terms and Conditions Apply 须符合条件*

Course Overview

With the demand of skilled workers in the field of aesthetic services, there is a need for the industry to produce quality, professional, well-trained and certified practitioners to fill the demand in the country. As one of the industry player, EURO STAR choose to collaborate with VTAR Institute to produce competent workforce that adhere to good practices when providing services or when administering treatments in the beauty industry. MOU is signed between EURO STAR and VTAR Institute in 2016 believing that with such endeavours would be in the interest of both parties, and of the education and local beauty industry.

The Intensive Facial Course is a 3-month course which is fully sponsor by EURO STAR Management Sdn. Bhd.The course is customized base on the competency requirement of EURO STAR Beautician using the NOSS (National Occupational Skills Standard) content of Aesthetic Services. The Intensive Facial course focuses the training in manual facial therapy which comprise of 4 modules: Workplace Safety, Hygiene And Ethics, Skin Care And Analysis, Manual Facial Service, and Personal Make-Up.

Participant must fulfil the requirement of 20% theory and 80% extensive hands-on practical sessions in VTAR. Participants of the course will learn skills to improve client’s face and skin condition, blood circulation, and muscle tone, giving the effect of moisturised and glowing skin