Furniture Technology Certification Course                 

Duration: 8 Months (Level 2) / 8 Months (Level 3)
修习期:8 个月(第二级)/ 8个月(第三级)

Entry Requirement: 16 – 45 Years

Theory & Practical

No Tuition Fee, Allowance Provided *
* Terms and Conditions Apply 须符合条件*

Course Overview

VTAR Institute is collaborating with the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC) to offer a new programme – Furniture Technology Certification Course. The student intake will begin in March, 2016. The course offers 80% practical training and 20% theoretical training, with instructors comprising furniture industry experts from 46 factories under MFC, as well as from VTAR Institute.

The Furniture Skills Technology Certification Course is tailored made for furniture industry to produce skilled manpower who are trained and qualified to enhance the competiveness of local industries in the global market. This program is recognized by Department of Skills Development, an agency under the Ministry of Human Resources for co-ordination and control of training skills through apprenticeship with the National Dual Training System (SLDN) conducted by industries and institutes. There are many companies agreed to provide training venue and coaches during industrial training. The student will obtain Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) Level 2 & 3 upon completion of the course. The certification is recognized by government and Malaysian Furniture Council. Student can pursue for SKM 4 /diploma or employment after completing SKM Level 3.





这项课程获得马来西亚人力资源部属下的技术发展局的认可,它是以国家双轨培训系统(SLDN) 的方式, 通过相关行业于学员的协调来完成相关技能的培训。

许多相关行业的公司同意在培训期间提供培训场地和教练。完成课程后,学生将获得第二级(SKM 2) 和第三级(SKM 3) 马来西亚技术证书。这项课程的证书是获得马来西亚政府和马来西亚家具总会的认证。 学生完成第三级证书可以继续深造或就业。

Course Objective 课程目标:

The Furniture Production Operation personnel are competent in performing the following core competencies:  家具制造工艺证书的学生在完成培训后将能够执行以下的职能:

  • Perform Furniture Materials Preparation   执行家具备料
  • Perform Solid Wood Lamination   执行实木板材层压
  • Perform Furniture Components Preparation   执行准备家具配件
  • Perform Furniture Components Assembly   执行家具配件组装
  • Perform Furniture Finishing   执行家具精加工
  • Perform Loose Furniture Production   执行活动家具的生产
  • Perform Furniture Production Jigs And Fixtures Fabrication   执行家具夹具与装置制作
  • Perform Computer Aided Furniture Production   执行电脑辅助家具制造
  • Perform Creative Furniture Finishing   执行创意家具精加工
  • Perform Built-In Furniture Assembly And Installation   执行嵌入式家具安装与组装
  • Perform Furniture Production Quality Control   执行家具制造品质管理
  • Perform Furniture Production Supervision   执行家具制造监督

course structure 课程结构

  • Furniture Materials Preparation   家具备料
  • Solid Wood Lamination   实木板材层压
  • Furniture Components Preparation   准备家具配件
  • Furniture Components Assembly   家具配件组装
  • Furniture Finishing   家具精加工
  • Loose Furniture Production   活动家具的生产
  • Furniture Production Jigs And Fixtures Fabrication   家具夹具与装置制作
  • Computer Aided Furniture Production   电脑辅助家具制造
  • Creative Furniture Finishing   创意家具精加工
  • Built-In Furniture Assembly And Installation   嵌入式家具安装与组装
  • Furniture Production Quality Control   家具制造品质管理
  • Furniture Production Supervision   家具制造监督


  • Furniture production technician   家具生产技术人员
  • Production Supervisor   生产部主管
  • Production QC/QA Personel   生产部质量控制/质量监督人员
  • Sample Production   样品制作
  • Technical Sales   技术销售