Basic PLC & CX Programmer Course

Duration: 2 Days
时间: 2天

Course Outline 课程列表

  • Introduction and knowledge on understandign about PLC
  • PLC system configuration, features, function, unit specification and components
  • Input & output addressing
  • Key points to know when using PLC
  • System design concept-using PLC
  • Practical ladder programming of PLC using CX-Programmer Software
  • Basic command and programming method
  • Case study stimulation of PLC
  • PLC & CX-Programmer hardware configuration
  • Establish communication link between computer to PLC and PLC to computer
  • Offline operation in CX-Programmer environment
  • File management and documentation

Objective 目标

To provide a comprehensive knowledge on applications and operations of PLC and the window-based ladder programming in factory automation systems. Participants will be taught on how to draw, save, edit, and download program and online monitoring.